Low-Ball Offers- Are they a thing of the past? Or should they be?

Question posed today- “What are your thoughts about writing a low ball offer on home?”

Answer- My coaching to our clients is pretty consistent.  You will often hear me say, “It is not where we begin that matters, it is where we end up.”  Our clients hire me to negotiate on their behalf and that is what I set out to do when we receive a “low ball offer.”  In my experience, it is most important to consider all offers, be thankful for the offer, and then respond.  We always want our clients to offer a well thought out response to an offer, rather than their initial reaction.  Sometimes your initial reaction to an an offer, especially a low one, is not very pleasant.  But again, its about where we end up.  So stay positive and work towards more of a “win-win.”

One last thought- as inventory (# of homes for sale) continues to stay low or go even lower,  homes will continue to sell more quickly and most seller’s will not have to consider a low ball offer because they may receive multiple offers.  Good rule of thumb- in a low inventory market, avoid low balls and consider your offer your one and only chance to get this home.  You are never guaranteed a second chance.


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