Your Home: When my home sells, will there be one for me to buy?

“When my home sells, will there be one for me to buy?”

This is a reasonable question and a valid concern. A concern, I believe, that is preventing many, many sellers from experiencing the joy of today’s market.

In most parts of town, a seller’s market still exists. Sellers are receiving multiple offers, homes are selling very quickly, and in most cases the seller is naming his terms. Sellers have only dreamed of a market this good.

At the same time another parallel universe exists for buyers. All of the circumstances that I just named that make it great for sellers also make it challenging to be a buyer. When sellers receive multiple offers, only one buyer gets the call that they got the house. The others are left disappointed. Because homes are selling as soon as they are listed, buyers are struggling to keep up. And when sellers are naming their terms they are also working with who they feel is the strongest buyer.

So let’s get back to the question: “Will there be a home for me to buy?” The answer is yes. Please let me explain.

Today’s market is a skill-based market. In order to feel comfortable selling your home today, you need to know that your Realtor has the skills that it takes to win in this market. Skills like knowing how to draft a winning offer, a constant and immediate awareness of all new housing inventory, and the ability to coach you into the best potential home buyer you can be. Not to mention the tenacity and the stamina to keep up with the fast pace.

Succeeding in today’s market is also about setting proper expectations. When buyers and sellers know what to expect, they don’t have as many fears concerning the market.

Most potential sellers are feeling the itch to sell because they have a need for something more when it comes to their home. Or maybe it’s a dream that is pulling them into the market. Well, I say dream big! Has there ever been a time when you had to let go of something to get what you want or to get where you needed to be? Well, this time is like that time. I liken it to the monkey bars that we all used to play on as kids. To get from one side to the next, what had to happen? You had to let go of one hand to swing it forward to get to the next bar. It is time to let go again and swing on into the market. Don’t get left hanging on the wrong side of the monkey bars.

One last thing: When a great home for you does show up one day, and you are competing for it, do you think that seller would rather accept an offer from someone who had a home to sell or someone who had cash in hand and coming to them because their house had already sold? Of course, the cash in hand buyer will win every time. If you want to show a seller how committed and motivated you are you must sell your home first. In a low inventory market, the goal is to eliminate any potential objections that a seller might have of you as their buyer.


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