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Your Home: The joys, and trials, of a multiple-offer situation

Friday, April 19th, 2013

Question:How would you handle a multiple offer situation? Welcome to the seller’s market! Going once…twice…SOLD! Multiple offer situations are the gift of the seller’s market. A gift for the sellers, that is. Although, sometimes a multiple offers situation can turn against the seller. Let me explain. There are no clear guidelines for multiple offer situations. […]

Your Home: When is the best time to sell a home?

Monday, April 15th, 2013

Question: When is the best time to sell my home? Oh, how I wish that I had a crystal ball to predict the real estate market. I would certainly be a wealthy man — and quite popular, I might add. Unfortunately, no such crystal ball exists. And I say that all of the time. People […]

Your Home: How long does it usually take to find the right home to buy?

Monday, April 8th, 2013

Question: How long does it take to find a home these days? I wish I could offer a short and concise answer … but, boy, this one has several variables that affect my response. My intent with this column was to cover some “non-market condition” topics. However, in real estate, every answer to every question […]

Your home: Are homes finally appreciating again?

Monday, April 1st, 2013

Question: Are we seeing appreciation of home values yet? Well, it is now April and we are in the heart of the spring real estate market. Flowers are blooming, snow is melting away (finally), and, yes, appreciation is on the horizon for many of us. That is not a casual statement. I, like many homeowners, […]